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IMG_3340ReducedTecnometrix is based on more than 10 years of experience of its founder, Dr. Gabriel Vivo-Truyols. Gabriel has a broad experience by delivering consultancy and tailored data-analysis methods in different areas, including Oil & Gas (BP, Shell), pharma (AstraZeneca and Merck), Food (Unilever and RIKILT), chemicals (BASF and DSM) and forensics (Dutch Forensic Institute), among others. By reconciling his work as assistant professor in statistics and analytical chemnistry at the University of Amsterdam with the activities at Tecnometrix, a perfect synergy is found between bussiness, research and education.

Gabriel’s work has been awarded with the prestigious “D.L. Massart award in chemometrics“, honouring prof. D.L. Massart, one of the world-leading authorities in chemometrics. This award is given every two years to the best PhD thesis in chemometrics, world wide.

For a detailed description of Gabriel’s CV and career, see his profile: View Gabriel Vivo Truyols's profile on LinkedIn


“When working with Gabriel one realizes how indispensable a good chemometrist is in contemporary chromatographic research. He knows how to seize the essence of a problem in equations so that it can be solved in an efficient way”.

Sjoerd van der Wal, Principal scientist at DSM

“Gabriel is a multi-talented individual who can talk to the business and write first class code. He has the reputation of being a first-rate chemometrician.”

Robin Yellow, project manager at BP

“Dealing with highly complex spectra from MS, a proper data number crunching algorithm is a noble task to develop. It is here where polymer chemical knowledge and (higher) mathematical input is required. This makes Gabriel an attractive partner putting excellent mathematical skills into practise.”

Bastian Staal, principal scientist at BASF

“Gabriel is not only an expert in developing advanced (but user-friendly) data-analysis methods, but it is also a great pleasure to work with him and he delivers results on time.”

Sebastiaan Eeltink, associate professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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