Development of alternative heparin activity test with PAT technology

Short description:

In this project, we were developing and implementing a PAT methodology to control the manufacturing process of heparin production using NMR. The project involved different aspects, including a fundamental study on the regions of the NMR spectrum that are active in the anti-coagulation process. Next, we tried to develop a method to calculate the heparin potency using NMR analysis. The objective was to construct a surrogate model aimed to control the heparin production during the manufacturing process in order to increase the product quality and decrease costs.

There is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for this project and I am not authorised to discuss any details.


This project was developed together with Merck and constituted the thesis of Marc Baremans [6m]. Several people from different teams accross the organization are involved.


Merck, University of Amsterdam.


Covered by NDA agreement.

Software available:

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